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We are born with a mission: to make the world more beautiful. In the endless pursuit of beauty, lightness and sophistication, we run the planet. Hear stories, laughs and cries. We dance and sing. We lost count of how many times we have seen the sun rise and set. We walked through streets and avenues. We swim in rivers, seas and lakes. We engage in adventures and had pacatos days just enjoying the clouds. In the face of everything we've seen and lived, we gathered ingredients to our stories and experiences. We mix the most pure minerals with our most beautiful memories. That, not a product is born, is born Luxxor Stone. You've never seen anything like it.


Luxxor Stone arrives to transform and redefine the market with great strength, bold structure and a single standard. Its contemporary design, its practicality and quality assurance, give more color and life to environment projects. To inspire launches, the brand looks for references in its purest Italian DNA, that besides the unique look, brings a very special spice to their products.


The structure of Luxxor Stone is comprised of over 20,000 m², own internal logistics and a competent network of well-trained employees. There are over 30 colors in stock to ensure fast delivery and unique shopping experience for its customers.



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